SZA signs with Kendrick Lamar

Known for her groovy, soulful, 80’s techno sound

SZA is officially not only the first lady but singer of Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE).

TDE label includes the musical minds of Kendrick Lamar, Ab-soul,and Jay Rock.

The 23 year old suburban girl, from Mapplewood, NJ,  released her first EP last year, titled SEE.SZA.RUN followed by a second EP, titled S.

SZA stated in a quote released by, that she is inspired by “all things Wu-tang”.

“I was raised on a lot of John Coltrane, Satchmo, Miles Davis, Billy Holiday, and Björk with an adult obsession of all things Wu-Tang,” says SZA. “The one thing I’ve always admired is their ability to paint scenes with their sounds. When I write I usually let the beat saturate my mood and head space; that determines every scene and set design for any song, the rest is all secondary.”

Check out her newly released singles “Teen Spirit” and “Julia” on



  1. Will this signing help TDE grow as a label ? This artist has a unique background and some incredible influence when it comes to their music.

  2. I wonder if she can hold the bar as high as Kendrick it will be very interesting to watch her grow as a artist and even TDE as a lable

  3. Signing not only a first lady but the first singer to an already established label ,is always something worth counting for. The label did not only grow from just that alone but now the label is giving a new look, sound, and oppurtunity for upcoming artist.

  4. id have to say i thought that jhene aiko would have been signed by TDE after the few colaboratios that they ha her on a couple of years ago. hopefully they get her buzz up because black hippy is a strong team like Taylor gang and has a buzz stronger than any other movement beside MMG now.

  5. i personal feel that kendrick lamar is a great rapper and I’m a fan of him i feel anybody that signs him will be a major deal and helps there record label

  6. As a woman, SZA should feel proud, not only is she the first lady to be signed, but singer. This is definitely an accomplishment, not only for her, but for Kendrick Lamar. Do you think that he has the ability of be legendary? I think signing SZA to the label is only a step forward for him and his empire to come. How do you think SZA will affect the label with her music? Is she someone that will attract ans with her music?

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